The Rigs

Glamping Life was born of five avid RV’ers who wanted to share their passion with others.

The process began when two of the group purchased a new 5th wheel. Excited about their purchase, they quickly posted pictures of their new prize on Facebook. A friend of theirs replied, “lets see, king bed, fireplace, washer/dryer, that is not camping, that is Glamping!”. We loved that. Doing research we found that this term came from luxury tent camping used in safari’s. Well, we were past the point of tent camping as we were getting a bit older and time on the ground was a thing of the past!

Jump forward a few months, two of the other “Glampers” that are part of this group, decided to build on Glamping for one of the partners birthday, so he took the step to have car stickers and t-shirts made with Glamping Life on them. We all loved it and talked about turning that into a business. As a group of friends who took their RV’s out every chance they got, we were always looking for RV branded items and additional things for our “homes away from home”. We were frustrated with the lack of items specific to our RV’s so we started talking about creating a company that could meet that need.

We are starting off small as we all have full time careers but hope to grow this business to eventually include everything that RV’ers want with their rigs. We love this lifestyle and hope to share this passion with others.

In May of 2014, we took a group vacation to a favorite campground located in the mountains of North Carolina. It was during this trip that we decided to stop talking about this dream and make it a reality.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to your feedback as we grow this dream into something that will supply the items we all want for our homes away from home, or for those lucky folks who get to full time, their primary homes.