Our Home Park

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Camp Fire

As most glampers do we have a “home park”. Ours is Manatee Hammock Campground in Titusville, Florida. It’s located on the Indian River and offers a small boat launch area, fishing/lookout pier, swimming pool, club house, pavilion, and a camp store.  Most notably it offers a canopy of trees for shade which is a very important amenity when Glamping year round in sunny Florida.  Manattee Hammock also happens to be where many of us board members met and instantly became the best of friends.

At Manattee Hammock we enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, floating in our tubes down the river on a sunny afternoon, meeting new glampers, sitting around the fire telling stories while eating s’mores, playing various indoor and outdoor games. Our two favorite games would be Phase 10 and Bocce Ball.

Melissa Stand Up Paddling

Mike Kayaking


SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch at Night

We have watched several rocket launches from Manattee Hammock as well. The launch site is directly across the river. Night launches are the best as they light up the sky. And of course we can’t forget that we love to eat, and we have a favorite restaurant located about a mile south called Kelsey’s.

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is just miles away with great hiking trails, wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Where is your home park and what do you enjoy doing while there? Tell us about it in the comments and maybe one day we may just see you there!

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